Aidan Smale

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Aidan's Recruitment Video.

Current Computer Specs and General Info


Motherboard-Asus B450F
CPU-Ryzen 5 1400
GPU-RX 560 4gb


Keyboard Model : CM Storm Quickfire Pro

Mouse Model : Zowie FK-2



Age / DOB: 03/20/2002
Citizenship: South African
School: King Edwards School (KES)
Placement Year: Fall 2021
Intended Major: Data Science/Computer Science
GPA:  Aidan has a GPA of 3.3

Subjects: English, Afrikaans, Maths, Life Orientation, Physics, Geography, IT, 

SAT: TBD 2020
1st Choice Game: CSGO 
2nd Choice Game: Starcraft 2

Home Club: Sinister 5

National Team: South Africa / Mindsports SA


Competitive Egamer for 4 years

Qualified for multiple international events

Won the South African National Championships for 2 Consecutive years being 2016 and 2017.

Participated in 2 National Team Trials where he won the most recent one that took place in June 2018.

Numerous online and offline 1st place finishes. In South African tournaments for Starcraft 2, Aidan rarely places below the top 3.

Tournaments participated in:

Numerous Dreamhack online qualifiers and hopefully a few LAN events in the future (viewership is 8000+ people on the stream).

ESL and community hosted cups(viewership is 600-3000).

Aidan has attended and participated in various LAN events across the country and hopefully in the near future across the world( 20000+ viewers if on stream and many people in the arena).


Currently, Aidan is not in the world ranking for Starcraft 2 as he has not yet competed in an international event.

In the South African rankings that were last updated in 2017, Aidan was ranked number 1, but currently, the South African scene is very widespread and the level of play is extremely high therefore resulting in a constantly fluctuating ranking system.

2017 rankings: