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Home Club: The Practice -- Elite Cycling and High Performance
Favorite Discipline: Downhill Mountain Biking ( many xc marathon/ xco and road races/events since 2014 but in 2017 I switched my focus to Downhill and Enduro Mountain biking)


South African Downhill Champs 2020 - 12th Elite Men
South African Enduro Champs 2017 -2nd Youth
South African Enduro Champs 2018 -5 Junior
National Downhill Series 2019- 2nd Junior
Hakahana Enduro Series 2017 - 2nd Youth.
Hakahana Enduro Series 2018 - 2nd Junior.
Hakahana Enduro Series 2019 - 1st Junior
Dustin Rudmen Invitational Downhill Series 2018- 2nd Junior.
Dustin Rudmen Invitational Downhill Series 2019- 1st Junior

YT-MOB World Tour 2019;SA Downhill Champs 2017-2020; SA Enduro Champs 2017-2020; Hakahana Enduro Series 2017 & 2018; Dustin Rudmen Invitational Series 2018 & 2019; South African National Downhill Series 2018 & 2019;  Greg Minnaar Cycles Downhill & Enduro Series 2018 & 2019; KZN Gravity Downhill & Enduro Series 2017-2019;


Age / DOB: 10th August 2001
Citizenship: South African
Height: 6'1” - 180 m
Weight: 158 lb - 72 kg
Placement Year: Spring 2021 / Fall 2021
SAT: TBC -- 2020
GPA: 3.3


English, Afrikaans, Mathematics Literacy, Engineering Graphics and Design, LO, Geography, Computer Applications Technology

Cycling Stats

Power Stats in W/kg last 90 Days

5 sec: 18.3w/kg

30 sec: 9.3 w/kg

5 min: 4.6 w/kg

20min: 3.5 w/kg

1 hr: 2.6 w/kg


Power Stats in W/kg All time:

5 sec: 18.3w/kg

30 sec: 9.6 w/kg

5 min: 4.6 w/kg

20min: 3.9 w/kg

1 hr: 2.7 w/kg

Why do you want to study in the USA?

I want to study in the USA because it will open so many doors for me and give me the opportunities to build a future for myself and create a strong foundation that I can build on. I always wanted to go live/study overseas because I see no future in South Africa( don’t get me wrong, I love this country but it’s falling apart). I want to be seen overseas as “The Guy from South Africa “ like they see Greg Minnaar. I want to make a success of myself so that I can one daycare for my family.

What Would you be if you were not a cyclist?

I know that whatever I’ll do, even if it’s not cycling. I know I will make a success out of it and be happy.
I don’t know what I would do without cycling, riding my bike makes me happy. But I love other things as well. Like photography, MMA, and playing the guitar. I think I would be somewhat of a businessman if not a cyclist. But I love a good adrenaline rush, from a Dowhill race to bungee jumping.

Interesting Fact about Anru:

I’m born a month too early
I have a type of asthma.
I love action sports and I watch way too may GoPro/Redbull videos on YouTube
I play the guitar.
I love drawing engineering graphic designs.
I am a very ambitious person.
I like to be humble but still confident.
Everyone has my respect, but it can be lost.
I was born in Bethlehem, Freestate and I learned to speak English from watching Disney Channel as a kid.


A top cyclist from The Practice in South Africa, Anru has a very bright future ahead of him.

We are excited to be on this journey with Anru and looking forward to helping him find his number one university.