Cayla Goncalves


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Age / DOB: 12/08/2001
Citizenship: South African
Height: 5'3” - 1.76 m
Weight: 117 lb - 53 kg
GPA: Cayla's GPA meets and exceeds NCAA requirements. (3.5) 

English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, LO, Business Studies, History, Life Sciences (Biology)


SAT: 1150 
Intended Major: Industrial Psychology / Marketing
Award Academics
Preferred position: Wing Back / Centre back / Defensive Midfielder
Preferred foot: Right
Placement Year: 2020
High School: 1st Team -- Reddam House Bedfordview
Club: JvW FC
League: Senior Provincial Women's League
National Team: U/17 South Africa


  • Competed at the Dana Cup tournament twice.
  • Vice-Captain of the Dana Cup team.
  • 2017 and 2018 High school top scorer.
  • Qualified level 2 FIFA referee.
  • Winner of the ‘Vodacom Nxt Lvl’ scholarship
  • Soccer scroll recipient
  • First team starter for 5 years
  • First team captain
  • 2018 school schools stream winners
  • 2018 schools league runners up
  • 2017 school stream winners
  • 2015 schools playoff participants
  • 2016 schools playoff participants
  • Five years starting XI player
  • February 2018 JvW team of the month
  • February and October Player of the Month
Cayla comes to BRUSA Sports as the whole package that any university would want to get hold of.
On the academic side, Cayla has a strong GPA and will definitely score high on the SAT test.
On the soccer side, Cayla comes with massive pedigree, not only playing for one of South Africa's biggest and strongest ladies clubs in JvW but also playing for the National U/17 team. With Cayla's strength, fitness, perfect distribution and brilliant defensive talents she will be an asset to any backline. She is able to play along the backline as well as the defensive midfielder position. Cayla is a hot prospect in the National setup and is hoping to be representing the full national team soon.
Cayla pulls her inspiration from Alex Morgan and gains her discipline from 9 years of competitive Karate.
Why do you want to study in the USA?

" I would like to study in the USA as ever since I first visited the country I dreamed of pursuing my knowledge in a country that offers a multitude of opportunities in all walks of life. Growing up I saw all the aspects of life that I dreamed of attaining for myself one day, whether it be on the pitch or off the pitch. When I first visited the US in 2015, I fell in love with the country and made it my biggest goal to reach the country in order to experience the quality of life I have so long dreamed of.

The quality of college football in America is something that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world and it is why I decided to let the ambition inside of me take over so that one day I would be able to represent a college which stands for the same morals and values that I have been brought up with in order to excel in both the classroom and on the field. The country has always been described as “the land of opportunity” and I believe that this description fits me well as I am hungry for new challenges and opportunities and my I will strive for greatness and not quit until I am satisfied."

Tell us something interesting?


A little bit about myself. I have grown up in South Africa in a humble home with my parents and older sister. I took to soccer after 9 years of competitive karate in which I competed in all local competitions as well as on the world stage in 2010 where I was fortunate enough to claim a bronze medal for Kumite (fighting). In the dojo, discipline, respect and self-control were drilled into us and these were crucial lessons that I will proudly carry with me for the rest of my life. I am an avid Liverpool FC fan as is the rest of my family, and my favourite player is Alex Morgan. I was first inspired by Alex Morgan after watching the 2015 Women’s World Cup in which she showed me just how important a good work ethic is after she was able to lift the trophy despite an injury-ridden tournament.


Besides playing football, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends as well as travelling. I enjoy travelling as it expands my horizons by ensuring I always have an open mind and are ready for new experiences.


I would like to study industrial psychology or marketing."