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Cayley's Recruitment Video Coming Soon

Home Club: River Ridge Tennis Club
UTR: 6


- 3rd u18 Easterns closed singles (Provincial Tournament)
- 1st u18 Easterns closed double (Provincial Tournament)
- 1st team for tennis since grade 8 (school)
- 1st team for hockey since grade 10 (school)
- 1st team club hockey

Best Place Tournament: 1st place Gauteng Winter 
Latest Tournament Results: 
GC Summer 12th
Growth Point National 17th
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Age / DOB: 10 March 2003
Citizenship: South African
Height: 5'2”
Weight: 125 lb
Placement Year: Fall 2022
SAT: TBC -- 2020
GPA: 3.91


English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, AP Mathematics, LO, Geography, Physical Science, Accounting

Why do you want to study in the USA?

I want to study in the USA because :
- I will get a better opportunity in sport and academics
- it's a chance to be more independent
- it’s a new experience
- it’s a chance to meet new people
- it’s a chance to travel


Interesting Fact about Cayley:

Something interesting about me
- I love to be busy
- I love playing and learning about different types of sports
- I love baking
- I love traveling


Cayley is a fantastic young prospect for the 2022 season. We cannot wait to place Cayley at her dream university.


Showing huge determination to get to the top of the tennis world in South Africa. Cayley comes to BRUSA once again as the whole package -- Huge sporting talent and the grades to match. Cayley is one of those pure South African talents not only a top tennis player but could have chosen hockey as her preferred sport, being a provincial player in field hockey in Gauteng.

Cayley's academic ability matched by her talent on the court will have the coaches at all levels in the USA excited. Cayley is the daughter of Julie Symons head of sports at St. Dunstan's school in South Africa so sport runs through the veins in the family with her sister being an up and coming field hockey player.