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Christian Bak

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Age / DOB: 17 yrs old
Citizenship: Danish / English
Height: 5'9” - 1.75 m
Weight: 148 lb - 67 kg
Preferred position: Left Back
Secondary Position: Left Midfielder
Preferred foot: Left (Very comfortable with the right)
Placement Year: Fall 2019
GPA: Christian's GPA meets and exceeds NCAA/NAIA requirements. (4.0) 
SAT: 1440
Why do you want to study in the USA?
“Not only is the US collegiate environment the most proficient in terms of interlinking ethos between football and academics, but it will also enable me to develop a mindset which facilitates synergy between the dedication in becoming a professional athlete, along with the ability to venture outside of my boundaries mentally.”
Christian is a very exciting new prospect. He has the most potential both academically and athletically to go very far in the college athletic world.
Completing his dream to participate in the college system will only be helped by his amazing academic strength. Being fluent in 5 languages and working with 7 A* distinctions on his GCSE’s there is not stopping this young man in where he will be able to go.
Being one of the best left-footed fullbacks in the league at this moment, he will most certainly light up the NCAA with his energy, pace and deadly left foot accuracy.
Working towards studying a Sociology Major with possible minors in Business and sports science he knows where he wants to be in his future careers.
We look forward to helping Christain in his recruitment efforts during the coming months.