CJ Atsikidi-Souza

Age / DOB: 17 yrs old
Citizenship: English
Height: 6'1” - 1.85 m
Weight: 155 lb - 70.2 kg
Preferred position: Striker / Attacking Winger
Secondary Position: Central attacking midfielder
Preferred foot: Right
Placement Year: Fall 2020
GPA: CJ's GPA meets and exceeds NCAA/NAIA requirements. (3.36) 
SAT: TBD (Writing in May)


Why do you want to study in the USA?

"I want to join the America college system to change my perspective in life, I believe that in travelling to America I can experience new people a new culture and all in all a new life. Studying in America is not as pushed and it's not talked about as much as other routes in life, nevertheless, I strive to put myself in unusual positions to further myself, as a result, I have gained the urge to study in America and better myself and the community that awaits me. America is a place that holds great people who inspire me such as Floyd Mayweather, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, LeBron James and many more. These people either being born or simply residing in America attracts me as they represent an important part of my motivation.

Soccer is a sport I love to play its something that I can play for hours on end. There's a special feeling that I get when I score a goal or when my team wins a match, soccer is one of the few sports or hobbies that touch my emotions. It started with my brother playing football and keeping up with the latest matches a lot that I began to watch too and was instantly intrigued. From then I began to practice and play at school a lot more, from then I joined my first club and fitted into my role very quickly it was then I realised what I wanted to become. The attachment I have to football has never died and never will." CJ Atsikidi-Souza