Connor Griffiths

Connor Griffiths
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Connor Baseball Stats:

40 Yard = 4.65sec

60m (not Yard) = 14.48sec

100m Sprint = 12.96 sec

Pitching Stats:

Top Fast Ball = 86 MPH

Fast Ball = 85 MPH     Curve = 70 MPH


Connor's Recruitment Video

Some Info and Stats:


  • National Team Player
  • 2018 MVP
  • Westville Boys High School Graduate 2019
Connor joins the BRUSA family as a top Pitcher and 3rd Baseman. Being part of the SA set up for a while now. Connor has started his university education in South Africa but cannot wait to carry it on in the USA.
His desired Major is Biomedical Engineering


Desired Major:

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Genetics

Who is your role model?

Anthony Rizzo. He is my role model because he has seen the hardships of life after being diagnosed by lymphoma yet he still perservered and acheived his dream and is one of the best and kindest people in the big leagues which I find inspiring.

If you weren't playing your current sport, what would you be doing??

Studying and playing other sports such as surfing, touch rugby and indoor soccer. Primary objective is studying so I can get a degree.

What do you want to study and why?

.Not only will I be able to play the sport I'm passionate about but studying in the USA will provide me with a better education than I could get in South Africa with a wider variety of courses available and far more opportunity, especially in a very specialised degree that I am studying. Playing baseball in the States also provides opportunity to improve against much better opposition that we experience in SA.

What was your most memorable sporting moment? (This could be you playing in a big tournament, a big sporting venue or experiencing a sporting event that inspired you)?

There are 2 that stick out for me. The first is from the end of the 2018 interprovincial tournament where I made the starting 9 for the South African team and won player of the tournament, best 3rd-baseman and best batter of the tournament. The other is a surfing memory from a trip with my best friend where we came within an arms length of a pod of dolphins.