Connor Jones

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Connor's Recruitment Video


Last 4 tournament places

  1. Gauteng Regional Tournament Score:78 Place: 12th
  2. EGU Regional Tournament Score: 73 Place: 11th
  3. Junior Open National Tournament Score:78,76 Place 3rd
  4. Regional Tournament Score: 79 Place:16th


Club distances Meters/Yards

Driver: 250+/323

3 Wood: 235/256

4 Iron: 210/230

5 Iron: 186/203

6 Iron: 174/190

7 Iron: 165/180

8 Iron: 156/170

9 Iron: 143/156

PW: 132/144

50°: 122/133

54°: 104/113

58°: 88/96

Why do you want to study in the USA?

"I would like to be competing as a professional golfer but if golf is not successful and I cannot pursue it as my career, I would like to run my own business or move into a field where I could use Geography."


Connor comes to BRUSA Sports with a wealth of talent and academic potential, we are looking forward to working with Connor and judging by his swing this is going to one hell of a player for the future.  

Since coming back from a knee injury sustained playing hockey, Connor has now made golf his full-time sport and is concentrating on putting everything into playing the top tournaments ina and around South Africa. We know that Connor is going to make a massive mark on the game in the collegiate world. 
Connor is currently studying at the prestigious sporting school Jeppe Boys School in JHB South Africa, known for their fantastic athletes and great academics Connor is going to be one hell of a student-athlete.