Corbin Greenslade


Corbin's Recruitment Video

Corbin Greenslade Recruitment Resume including scout report

Age / DOB: 16 yrs old
Citizenship: South African
School: St. Dunstan's College
Height: 6'2" - 1.87.96 m
Weight: 187 lb - 84.8 kg
Placement Year: Fall 2021
GPA: Corbin's GPA Exceeds the required NAIA requirements
SAT: 1160
Home Club: Benoni Northerns Indians
Provincial representative U/10 U/12 U/15 U/18
Provincial Achievement -- Catcher of the tournament -- All-State Tournament
South African U/18 squad -- 2019 World Cup WBSC South Korea
Baseball Specific Stats:
Position: Catcher
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
Catcher Pop Time: 2.0-2.2
60 Yard: 7.78
Other Sports: Field Hockey & Waterpolo
Preferred Major: Engineering

Why do you want to study in the USA?

"I would like to study in the USA to gain my dream degree and play baseball of which I can’t do both in SA.

Studying in the USA will also let me play a higher level of baseball that will help me improve my game and become a better ballplayer"

Corbin joins the BRUSA family as a top catcher in the South African baseball world. Having been selected for the training squad to go over to the World Cup in South Korea he is showing some amazing potential to be one of the best.
Corbin's academic record is very powerful, he is very interested in studying engineering but has not finalized his chosen major as yet.