Dane Cloete


Dane's recruitment Video!

2019/2020  Season:

  •  Tuks FC -- Super League


2018/2019  Season:

  •  Stocksbridge FC


2012-2014 Season:

  • Sheffield Wednesday Young Owls
GCSE Subjects:
German, Business, Psychology, Mathematics, Design & Technology: Resistant Material Technology, English, English Literature, Additional Science, Art & Design, Geography, Science
SAT: TBD March 2021
Who is your role model in football and why?

My role model is Philippe Coutinho because of the ability he has with the ball and his creativity. I also like his personality and in many ways I think that I’m similar to him on the field.

What makes you different as a footballer?

I am versatile as I can play in many different positions and I also have creativity needed to adapt to these positions.

What inspires you to become a professional footballer?

I want a profession that I love and there is nothing that makes me happier than playing football


Dane comes to BRUSA Sports through our partners at Football Connect, Dane has had a great career so far and will be taking that one step further to the USA. He is a strong, dynamic and fast striker, and can play along the striking line as well as supportive striker.

We look forward to where Dane will be at in the USA as we know where ever he goes he will make waves and turn heads.