Deacon's Recruitment Video

Home Club: Benoni Lake
Handicap: +0.3
Achievements: National Team selection, Provincial Golfer for Eastern Gauteng last 5 years, All-State, captained the 1st team in high school, MVP All-State tournament, Won 4 tournaments
Best Score: 68 -- Dainfern CC
Latest Tournament Scores: 
Royal-Oak Pro Shop Open 2nd (76)
Provincial Open Lake Club (76)
Provincial Open Lake Club (75, 80)
Nomads National Championship (72,78)
Provincial Open (74, 74)
Kempton park Regional Tournament Score 70 Place:1st
Benoni Lake Regional Score 77 Place:3rd
Pecanwood National Tournament Score 71,70 Place:2nd
Dainfern National Tournament score 77,68,78 Place:6th 
ERPM Regional tournament Score 79,73 Place:5th 


Age / DOB: 5 July 2003
Citizenship: South African
Height: 5'10” - 1.79 m
Weight: 149 lb - 68 kg
Placement Year: Fall 2022
SAT: TBC -- 2020
GPA: 3.5


English, Afrikaans, Mathematics Core, Business Studies, LO, Physical Science

Club distances Meters/Yards

Driver: 296/323

3 Wood: 265/289

3 Iron: 230/251

4 Iron: 220/240

5 Iron: 210/229

6 Iron: 192/209

7 Iron: 180/196

8 Iron: 165/180

9 Iron: 155/169

PW: 140/153

GW: 121/132

SW: 108/118

LW: 90/98

Why do you want to study in the USA?

" To play golf in the United States would be the ultimate dream. This will not only allow me to take my golf further but allow me to attain my dream degree while doing what I love. The USA has produced so many great golfers and I hope to be one of those products.".


Deacon is a youngster who comes to BRUSA with amazing natural talent and the drive to further his golf. He is a member of the Benoni Lake Golf Club in Johannesburg South Africa. 

Deacon has been improving his golf every day that he plays and will be one of the ones to watch especially while receiving the type of coaching that he will get out in the USA Collegiate system. Having been a member of his Provincial (State) team for the last 5 years he is showing great maturity and leadership as he is also bound to captain the team in the next few years.

Deacon is currently at Woodlands International College and would like to pursue a degree in the Business world. With his great academics, he is sure to get the attention of some top universities over the pond in the USA. He has been in the top 10 of his class for the past 3 years so he will definitely not battle in the classroom.