Field Hockey

You’re interested in playing Field Hockey in the States? Field Hockey in the USA is only offered to women and at the NCAA Division levels. It is very common that the academic level of the school’s which field hockey teams is of a very high standard, so to have good grades and sat test scores can be important to get an opportunity for a field hockey scholarship.

Student-Athletes that are talented both on the hockey field and in the classroom are more likely to gain coveted scholarship awards at Universities and colleges. This allows the athlete to take part in collegiate, intercollegiate matches and national championships.

There are around 280 universities and colleges that have a field hockey team with a total 1,400 student-athletes competing across the various teams.

You’ll have access to the best facilities, coaches, athletic trainers, physios, doctors, equipment and teammates.

You’ll also have access to a network of international students and excellent academic facilities, professors, tutors and international advisors there to provide you with the utmost support, helping you succeed.

Hockey scholarships are not always for the athlete that wants to go pro or play at a higher level. If gaining a degree to carry on your life long career passion is what you want, why not do this through the sport that you love while gaining an experience second to none.