Jaimè Lang

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Jaimè's Recruitment Video 

SCOUT REPORT -- Jaimè Lang -- IProscout --  February 2nd, 2020


Player Report February 2, 2020 07:13
Name: Jaime Lang Year: Senior
Date of Birth: March 11, 2002 Position 1: Catcher
Addrees: Position 2: Outfielder
C/S/Z: , Position 3:
Email: jaime.lang1103@gmail.com Bats: Right
Phone: +27 061 478 7713 Throws: Right
Height: 173cm Weight: 80kgs lbs
Comp: Uniform Number:
Team Name: South Africa Korea U18 Committed:
Highschool: The Settlers High School Highschool Grad: June 16, 2019
College: College Grad: December 1, 2020
Drafted By: Drafted On: August 1, 2021
Physical Description:
Frame: Medium, Build: Muscular, Look: Athletic, Calves: Normal, Thighs: Normal, Rear: Firm, Waist: Tapered, Chest: Normal, Shoulders: Square, Arms: Average, Hands: Strong, Overall Strength: Good, Growth Potential: Good, Body Control: Fair, Athleticism: Good
Medical Info:
Position Player
OFP ADJ FINAL Group Description
Position Player Summation:
Jamie was one of the other catchers in the team and definitely gives us a lot to look forward, always willing to listen and very good at relaying signals to the pitchers as to where and what pitch should be pitched. Very composed and works hard at his game, he needs to keep catching for club as will be an asset for SA in the future.
Projected Draft RD(s):
Estimated Assigned Bonus Value:
Hitting Information
Hitting: 0 / 0 Stance:
Prelim Mov: None Stroke: Opposite Field
Mental: Aggressive Weakness: Lunges
Wants to hit. Attacks ball. Stands in and takes his cuts. Agg FB hitter. Geared to pull. Agg approach. Will hit for avg down the road. Feel for wood. Must learn how to use whole field. Learning to adj to off spd. Doesn’t center ball enuf. Correctable faults in swing.
Power Information
Power: 0 / 0 Frequency: Average
Type: Pull
Raw pwr now. BP pwr now. Can handle wood. Strength and quickness. Obvious strength generates bat spd. Long ball will emerge in time. Added strength will give pwr boost. More when phys matures. Good frame to add strength. Will continue to dev.
Running Information
Running: 0 / 0 Instincts: Above Average
Base Stealing: Above Average Type: Base Stealer
Home to 1st Time: 3.98s 60 Time: 7.25s
Steal Time: 7.83s
Excel acceleration. Powerful strides. Not a clogger. Better 1st to 3rd. Good spd for position. Slow out of the box. Alert. Green-light guy. Definite basestlr. Looks to run. Makes things happen. Agg on bases. Shows insts to steal bases. Knows how to run bases. Gets good leads. Looks to run & take extra base. Takes extras base. Good ath ability. Capable. Can score from 2nd.
Arm Information
Arm: 0 / 0 Strength: 0 / 0
Accuracy: 0 / 0 Position Arm Action: Short
Body and Foot Pos: Open Pos Limitations: First Base
Throws out the good runners. Wants to throw. On-line carry. Live arm. Loose ez arm. Proper throwing mechs. Flashes avg arm strength. Carries when on top. Most on money. Good throwing mechs. Will prevent extra base. Good transfer. Good balance in throws. Should improve w/ repetition. Room for improvement. Must stay on top.
Fielding Information
Fielding: 0 / 0 Hands: Average
Range: Average
Alert. Solid defender. Sure-handed fielder. Will make routine plays. Sound defensive actions. Catches ball. Soft hands. Confident hands. Blocks well. Frames well. Solid base. Agile. Flexible. Good body cntrl. Ath actions. Agg to make play. Reads ball off bat well.
Jaimè has joined the BRUSA Sports family as one of the top prospects to come out of the 2021 class. Playing Club, Provincial and National team baseball.
Having played for South Africa at the U/20 World Cup in Korea Jaimè has tons of experience. Playing his baseball at one of the strongest clubs in South Africa where the 2 National men's catchers play shows that Jaimè has the pedigree and the know-how around him to go far in the game especially at the collegiate level.


  1. Why do you want to study in the USA?

I would like to achieve or get a Degree in Economics, with also having the opportunity to play good baseball where I can become a better athlete and also God willing earn a living for playing the sport I love


  1. Who is your role model?

My role model is my Father. He shows good determination as a father and sportsmen to me as his son, where I learn and take from what he does in his everyday life to use in mine, and I feel that he has guided me to become very mature in that manner in all aspects of my life, and for that reason, he would be my go-to person for the rest of my life


  1. Who is your favorite all-time baseball player?

Salvador Perez as he is my all-time Catcher Idol.


  1. What do you want to study and why?

Economics, as I love the theory that goes with the work that is done, as well as it keeps me up to date and aware of where the country is at the moment and where it could be in all aspects of the infrastructure within the country.


  1. The greatest venue you have played in and why?

Gijang-Hyundai Dream Park in South Korea at the 2019 WBSC u18 World Cup. It was my first real experience of what it feels like to play on a professional Baseball field with a full-on homerun boundary against 18-year-olds from the rest of the World. It was an awesome experience and I could measure my ability against the best 18-year-olds in the World.