Louey Hurley


Louey's Recruitment Video

Rugby Achievements:

Selected for Counties team Years 10 & 11 (Surrey)

Surrey Cup Winners

National Bowl Runners up

High School 1st Team 2019 -2019 Captain from year 9

100m Sprinter 12s

Age / DOB: 17 yrs old / January 9th, 2002
Citizenship: English
Height: 5'7" - 1.71 m
Weight: 143 lb - 65.3 kg
Preferred Position: Winger / Utility Back 
Bench Press: 60 KG 
Leg Squat: 150 KG
Preferred Foot: Right 
Placement Year: 2020
Current Academic Position: Second Year of 6th Form UK
GPA: Louey's  GPA meets and exceeds NCAA requirements. (3.0)
Mathematics, Physical Education, English Language, English Literature, Food and Nutrition, Sociology, Combined Sciences, Spanish
SAT: 1080
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"I want to study and play in the USA/Canada because becoming a part of the massive growth in the USA has been a dream of mine since I was a youngster. I want to help build rugby throughout and hopefully play in the new professional league all while having a degree to my name. Having been on tour in Canada, it has always been an ambition of mine to go back for rugby and to study to better myself and my future."

Louey is a top athlete and academic student, he is quick fast and has everything that is required for a winger and utility back. Louey will always leave everything on the field. This shows in his ability to run the 100m in under 12s
He also has a unique talent in the American Football world and may add something to the university that he chooses.
Having played at a very high level of rugby in the UK, he now wants to take his talents to the USA and grow not only as a rugby player but as a student.
Looking at a major in Sports Coaching, Exercise science, PT and sports analytics, Louey is very keen to get to a university/college that will push him on both academics and athletics getting the best out of him.
Playing career:
National Bowl Runners up 2019
Surrey Cup Winners
County player -- Years 10 & 11
Captain from year 9
First team 2018 - 2020
100m Sprinter <12s