Nicola Schulz

Nicola comes to BRUSA Sports after completing her first year at UNISA (University of South Africa) majoring in education. Nicola would now like to take her tertiary education to the USA where she will be able to play soccer at one of the highest levels for any amateur soccer player
Other Honors

2014 Reddam tournament junior MVP.

2015 JvW senior team player's player of the year.

2015 JvW schools league-best 11,

2017 JvW senior team player of the year.

2017 JvW senior team player's player of the year & JvW senior team player of the month - May and August 2017.

2018 JvW senior team player's player of the year. JvW team of the month - February and September 2018. Soccer scroll award at Assumption Convent School.

SAFA level 1 and 2 refereeing certificate completed.

Tell us something interesting?

"I ran the 80m hurdles for my school athletics team and clocked the best times in that event every year throughout highschool.
My favourite animal is a goat as I love their unique ability to climb and conquer huge mountains that are too steep and rocky for some of the strongest, most agile animals.
Because women's soccer was not televised in South Africa at the time I had to google who Janine van Wyk was after not knowing during my first training session at the club she owns, JvW"

Who is Your role model?

"My favourite player would have to be the German number 13, Thomas Muller. I am a huge Bayern Munich fan so I enjoy watching him play in the Bundesliga weekly, but I truly fell in love with him as a player during the 2010 world cup in South Africa, where he won the golden boot of the tournament. He is somebody who can take on multiple roles on the field and was underestimated by many coaches in his youth. I enjoy watching his unconventional style of play and the way defenders struggle to mark him. I aspire to be like Muller in the way that he never gives up, respects his opponents and has a smile on his face whether he is on or off the field"


What was your most memorable sporting moment? (This could be you playing in a big tournament, a big sporting venue or experiencing a sporting event that inspired you).

"My most memorable sporting moment would be the first time I ran an 80m hurdle race after my ACL reconstruction. More or less 8 months after knee surgery on my ACL I ran my first hurdle race, which was also the first time I competed in a sport since I had torn my ACL. With hurdles being an extremely precise event, which if not ran correctly could easily result in injury, I was very nervous. The race ended perfectly with me clearing every hurdle and claiming the first place spot. This 13-second race might not seem like much to other people as I had done it so many times before but to me, it was monumental as it showed me just how strong I am and that I can come back stronger from any setback. After winning this race I had the confidence in myself to keep working hard and return to the sport I love, soccer which is how I got injured in the first place."


I would like to study Education/Teaching."