Pearce Shepherd

Pearce 3
Pearce 2
GCSE Subjects:
English, Maths, Sports Science, Geography, Combined Science, Drama

Pierce's recruitment Video

Who is your role model in the football world?

Kevin De Bruyne

Who is your favorite MLS team?

LA Galaxy

Why do you want to study and play in the USA?

Because would be a great experience and always been a dream to go to the USA, it’s a great way into the pro game and it’s a very high level of football.
Also, I really like hot weather and beaches and the USA is the best for them

Pearce is a fantastic box to box midfielder who's work rate is unbelievable. He will do the engine work and open the game to all other teammates. Pearce is a bright young lad and is looking forward to studying in the USA.

Coming from Notts County Development side he has tons of experience and will bring this with him to whichever college he decides to play at.