Rohan Dhiri

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Football achievements:

  • Player of the Year 2019
  • Player of the year 2018
  • Managers Player of the year 2019
  • Top Goal Scorer Midlands league 2018
  • Gained Promotion in County League
Personal Stats
Age / DOB: 07/15/2003
Citizenship: English
Height: 5'8
Weight: 173 lb 
Academic Stats
GPA: Currently completing his AS Levels, PE, German, I.T., Geography 
GCSE Subjects:
Intended Major: Sports Management/Sports Sciences
Football Stats
Preferred position: Left Wing/ Left Back/Righ Back
Preferred foot: Right
Placement Year: 2021

Who is your role model in the football world?


Who is your favorite MLS team?


Why do you want to study and play in the USA?


Rohan is a very confident and keen soccer player. He has the talent to play both sides of the pitch, he is confident with both feet and is not shy to get involved in a tackle.
This shows up in all his games where he gives his all in every situation. Rohan comes to us from the Midlands leagues and will be a great recruit for some top-level universities and colleges in the USA. In the classroom Rohan will excel especially when studying what he wants to study and that is anything in the world of Sports.