When Applying to a USA university you are going to be faced with the tough question of which standardised test would you rather take the SAT or the ACT? They use the SAT and ACTs for both admissions and any possible merit-based scholarships

A fact is that it does not matter which one of the tests you take they are both accepted at all colleges and universities in the USA, sometimes universities are test-optional, meaning that they do not require taking the test BUT you had better make sure that your GPA (Grade Point Average) is high and that you have those extracurriculars.


  • The ACT includes a science section
  • SAT has a non-calculator section


SAT -- 3 Hrs Normal and 4 Hrs with Essay

ACT -- 3 Hrs Normal and 3 Hrs 40 with Essay


SAT -- 5 Passages

ACT -- 4 Passages


SAT -- 2 Subsections (No calculator and calculator) 25 Min and 55 Min respectively

ACT -- 1 Continuous section 60 Min Long

SAT -- Algebra, Problem Solving and Data, Quadratic and nonlinear equations, Geometry and Trigonometry

ACT --Number & Quantity, Algebra, Functions, Geometry, Stats and Probability, Essential Maths skills


SAT -- None

ACT -- 1 Science section


SAT -- Optional

ACT -- Optional


SAT -- Out of 1600

ACT -- Out of 36

Scholarship Presentation 13092019 Academic

Costs that you will incur through the admissions process that are not covered by BRUSA Scholarships:

  • SAT/ACT Exam costs -- $ 107.50 - $ 93.50  (International Fee) Once off
  • TOEFL Test (Non-English speaking students) -- $ 170 Once-off
  • VISA F1 Student  -- $ 400 Once-off
  • Insurance costs -- These can vary between schools $100 -- $ 1,000
  • Spending money (Going out with friends, extra food etc. ) -- Varies between athletes
  • Flights to the USA and Home -- Varies

Most scholarships will not be a full ride (Full costs covered) So you may incur small tuition or housing costs dependant on the scholarship received should you be one of the lucky few students to receive a scholarship.

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