Full university/college Consultancy

Once a prospective student-athlete has been evaluated and selected they will be eligible for our assistance.

Initial Assessment 

  • Evaluation of student-athletes
  • Athletic evaluation
  • Academic evaluation
  • Meeting with the athlete and their families - includes a full presentation of our services and cost breakdown
  • Find out the needs of the student (completion of the personalized survey to put together a plan to create as many universities/college options as possible)


  • Initial university search to find the closest matchups for the athlete
  • Creation of a current sporting CV
  • Creation of the highlight reel to be sent to the U.S. Colleges
  • SAT/ACT study guide and preparation assistance, Tutor access at affordable rates
  • Creation of an online profile to be sent out to our college and university database
  • Marketing of the athlete to the U.S. Colleges/Universities

NCAA/NAIA & NJCAA Administration Assistance

  • Eligibility process (we will work with you to make sure this all runs smoothly through NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA clearinghouses)
  • Offer full advice following scholarship offers
  • University application assistance (financial documentation, grade conversion – liaise with the admissions department, admissions statement/essay) NACES Documentation

Administration Work

  • Assistance of gaining student visa’s, assistance with SEVIS, embassy appointment, supporting documentation for registration
  • Help gain insurance and flights through discounted partners
  • We will be on hand throughout the student-athletes career offering any advice help or assistance (playing, educational or just for a chat)

Transferring Assistance

  • Transferring assistance for any Sophomore, Junior or Senior
  • Help find you a suitable Summer league (should your sport allow)
  • Assist in finding a Summer job

We do all the hard work so that the student-athlete can concentrate on training, studying and getting prepared for the adventure that lies ahead.


Please visit our packages page to view prices and packages.

Costs that you will incur through the admissions process that are not covered by BRUSA Sports UK:

  • SAT/ACT Exam costs -- $ 107.50 - $ 93.50  (International Fee) Once off
  • TOEFL TEST (Non-English speaking students) -- $ 170 Once off
  • VISA F1 STUDENT  -- $ 200 Once off
  • Eligibility Center costs NCAA & NAIA -- $ 135 once off
  • Insurance costs -- These can vary between schools $100 -- $ 1,000
  • Spending money (Going out with friends, extra food etc. ) -- Varies between athletes
  • Flights to the USA and Home -- Varies

Most scholarships will not be a full ride (Full costs covered) So you may incur small tuition or housing costs dependant on the scholarship received should you be one of the lucky few student-athletes to recieve a scholarship.

Next Steps...

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