Shae-Lynn Henderson

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Shae-Lynn comes to BRUSA Sports as power  student-athlete in the classroom as well as the in the hockey net. Being a top ranked keeper in her province of Gauteng, Shae-Lynn plays for the Mpumalanga Mambas hockey side. We are very excited to welcome Shae-Lynn to the BRUSA Sports family and cannot wait to see where her academic and field hockey career go.
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From Shae-Lynn.
I am currently 18 years old and finishing my Grade 12 year at Woodlands International College. I have always had a passion for sports. Although I have excelled at various sports disciplines such as Soccer, Netball and athletics, I have achieved particular success through playing field hockey, which I have played since I was 7 years old. I became a goal keeper at age 13 and was privileged to have played for our high school first team since then. I enjoy being busy and using my time productively with a variety of diverse activities. My goal is to become a doctor, specializing in neuroscience. I want to make a difference in people’s lives and I’m hoping to find a college or university that can support me in achieving that dream, whilst helping me pursue my other passion, hockey.