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Huw Morgan

Huw Morgan

Huw joins BRUSA Sports UK as one of the brightest prospects in the swimming world. Not only is he looking at doing a Physics and Mathematics major but he is looking at going to some of the most exciting swimming programs in the USA.
Representing Leatherhead Swimming club, a club that is widely known as one of the best clubs in Surrey he will look at pushing for that starting position in most US college programs.

Why do you want to study in the USA?
“It is a dream of mine to go and swim and study at an American University. The USA has some of the strongest swimming programs in the world that will hopefully help me to develop and improve my swimming and compete against the best in the world. America also has some outstanding Universities that will allow me to get a great degree in my chosen field.”

What do you want to study and why?
“I want to study maths and physics as  enjoy learning about the subjects and I wish to continue to learn and develop in these subjects”

Who is your role model in the swimming world?
“My role model in swimming is Caeleb Dressel as he dominates in the events I do in the USA and internationally.”

Who is your favourite all time swimmer?
“Michael Phelps is my favourite swimmer of all time, as he’s changed the world of swimming and I grew up in the height of his success.”

Greatest venue that you have swum in?
“The greatest venue I have competed at has to be London Olympic Park. I watched Olympic and Para-Olympic swimming there which in itself was an amazing experience, but I have also swum there which was amazing..”

Home Club: Leatherhead
Achievements: National Relay swimmer, Regional Individual Swimmer Welsh National Champion in 50m free and 100m Free

Kuhlekonke Mkhize

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Jared Wade


Cassidy Mckinon

Cassidy Mckinon

Rowing INFO:
Position: Row in scull, pair, double, quad, octuple and four. Heavy-weight

Achievements: Half colours, South African Championships silver medal.

Latest Tournament Results: ERGO time: 8:01