OUTLINE THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS *these are not final and complete 

  1. BRUSA’s obligation to the Prospect is to provide exposure for the Prospect to US Colleges with the relevant sports program through the services outlined in this agreement.
  2. BRUSA is obliged to provide the Services included as standard in the Terms & Conditions. BRUSA will not be under any obligation to provide Services not included as standard within the package. BRUSA reserves the right to add or alter Services listed in this Agreement, or included as standard in a Package Type selected by the Prospect, from time to time without further notification but only with the prior written consent by the prospect or Guardian.
  3. The Prospect and Guardian acknowledge they have received information from BRUSA explaining the Scholarship process. The Scholarship decision-making process remains the complete and unfettered right of the respective college with the following factors being material to the college’s decision-making process:

Academic performance, athletic ability, the coach’s opinion of the Prospect, the coach’s needs and the College Team’s budget for Scholarships.

  1. In accordance with National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules, BRUSA in no way intends to, or constitutes an attempt to, place a student-athlete at any particular college. BRUSA’s fees are not based on placement nor on any scholarship or financial aid, if any, awarded to a prospective student-athlete.
  2. Both Parties agree that BRUSA will make the final determination of which clients qualify for its services. BRUSA reserves the right to reject a prospect who in their opinion would not benefit from the services.


  1. The Prospect agrees to maintain amateur status (“Amateur”) for the duration of this Agreement. If a Prospect is unsure as to his/her eligibility status or intends to change from Amateur, either prior to entering this Agreement or during this Agreement, please contact BRUSA immediately.
  2. While BRUSA will consider any specific requests made by a Prospect or their Guardian as to their preferred college destination, the parties acknowledge that they have engaged BRUSA for its expertise in the USA college selection system and relies upon, and shall demonstrate trust and confidence in BRUSA to promote athletes based on the Prospect’s qualification, athletic and academic, and eligibility.
  3. The Prospect must comply with all reasonable directions given by BRUSA in the interests of furthering the Prospect’s chances of achieving offers to USA college(s).
  4. A Prospect who is completing Year 12 (A levels) or has graduated from secondary school shall provide all assistance as required in order to enable BRUSA to deliver the Services including,

the provision within ninety (90) days of the request of footage from Prospects including a maximum of 120 minutes of raw footage.

  1. The Prospect must upon request and by the requested date, provide to BRUSA personal information, high school results transcripts, athletic statistics, game results, details of awards, newspaper and magazine articles featuring the Prospect, and relevant photos of the Prospect to create a promotional profile.
  2. The Prospect/Guardian on signing this agreement confirm that BRUSA is not liable for any external fees that may arise during the application process. BRUSA will assist in the identification of these fees and the application, however all fees are for the account of the Prospect/Guardian. These fees may include, but are not limited to: SAT/ACT registration, WES Grade transcript conversion (World Education Services), all associated VISA costs, admission fees, all insurance fees (including travel and medical insurance), flights and other transport costs, and any outstanding tuition fees.
  3. BRUSA endeavours to notify the Prospect/Guardian of all external fees upfront, however this may not always be possible. Where not possible these fees will remain for the account of the Prospect/Guardian.