It’s time to start planning ahead for the next stage in your academic and sporting career which involves the unknown, have I missed the deadline or even the thought of finding the best Academic, and Athletic Program in order for you to showcase your abilities. Whether you are just starting to think about college or are already in your final year of High School - It is never too late to start planning towards that University Degree and have the chance to play college sport. Many Athletes fail to achieve their goal of competing in College because they do not understand how the recruiting process works. Remember that College applications in most countries only start at the end of grade 12, with most schools in the USA encouraging prospective international students to contact their admissions office at least one year before planning to enter that school.

Student-Athletes should begin their sport scholarship preparations at the end of their grade 10 year. USA College coaches, as per the NCAA rules, start giving out scholarships from June 15th of a student’s grade 11 year. Only once a sports scholarship is secured in grade 11, then a student should apply to the College in their grade 12 year. If a student-athlete starts looking for a sports scholarship in their grade 12 year they are very late in the process, but if you find yourself in grade 12 and are only starting the process now, don’t worry you still have time to get yourself a fantastic scholarship.


Planning ahead for NCAA, NAIA or even NJCAA Eligibility is an important factor to remember as these eligibility requirements vary between Athletic Associations, but can include; 16 Core-curriculum courses from grade nine to grade twelve (subject choices are very important as they can prevent you from being eligible), minimum accumulative GPA, and minimum SAT or ACT scores. The importance of academics out weights the ability you showcase on the sporting field.

Being able to start your Scholarship process early will put you ahead of many Student-Athletes from around the world. Having the below information ready prior to college coaches contacting you during your grade 11 year will show a strong level of commitment and professionalism as a Student-Athlete, and potentially giving you the chance to receive a more substantial Scholarship offer.

  • Academic History: Reports, International Baccalaureate or A levels (Report transcripts need to be in English).
  • Test Scores: SAT, ACT, Subject Tests, TOEFL
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Detailed Parent Information
  • Detailed Financial Information
  • Extracurricular Activities

Not only being well prepared, but showing a strong level of desire to market yourself early on in your High School career will attract strong interest from college coaches, which will lead to a greater chance in receiving a scholarship from one of your desired schools. BRUSA Sports assists you through the steps below and will make sure you are ahead of the playing field, recommended timeline (but remember even if you are a bit late, we can still assist). BRUSA Sports also deal with university transfers from international countries to the USA

Process steps:

  1. Start early – The earlier you can start, the better chance you have in receiving a sports scholarship from one of your chosen schools (Grade 10 or British year 10.)
  2. Being evaluated – BRUSA Sports Recruiting Consultants know where you should be based on your age and can advise if you on track or not (Grade 10 or British Year 10.)
  3. Building of your individual resume – If you really want to play your sport in college, a well-organized resume showcasing your athletic and academic achievements will put you a step ahead of the competition (Grade 10 or British year 10.)
  4. Video Footage – As an international Student-Athlete you will need to showcase your individual playing abilities to college coaches via video footage. Start recording all your playing moments and create a highlights video package BRUSA Sports experts help create the perfect highlights reel. (Start in Grade 10 and British year 10 but get collect footage throughout)
  5. Marketing you – Identify a list of school’s you’re interested in (Consider Location, Academics, Athletic Program and Culture), we reach out to the respective coaches and send through your player resume along with your video footage. Student-Athletes have no restriction in reaching out to potential college coaches.
  6. Meet the coaches – Connect with coaches through our extensive coaches’ database and connections, so that you can start building relationships and marketing yourself even further. The chemistry between an athlete and a coach is important to having a great college experience.

The overall scholarship process can be overwhelming and stressful. How can we help? Sign up with BRUSA Sports today, for a free evaluation, and we would love to assist with your USA scholarship process.

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