The SAT — What it is all about!!


The Dreaded SAT test

What is the SAT Test?

The SAT test is a standardised test that most college-bound students need to take before entering college. Although there is an alternative test called the ACT this is not as common, most colleges accept both. The SAT test is drafted and run by the College Board and you can find out more at

The SAT test is used in your college applications and does not normally affect transfer students. This will always go alongside your GPA (Grade Point Average) When applying to colleges.

How Long is the SAT test?

The SAT is 3 hours long and has 3 sections -- Math, Reading & writing and an Essay based section. If taking the optional essay section you can add on an hour.

What is the SAT out of?

The SAT test is out of 1600 (perfect score) Normally student-athletes try to get above 1000, although a strong number for a good scholarship is above 1200. If applying for academic scholarships only you will need to be looking at the 1400 mark.

How is the SAT scored?

The SAT is out of 1600, split between the 3 sections, (the essay is graded separately). The Maths section is out of 800 and the English section is out 800 split between reading and writing.

SAT Sections?

The SAT has 2 sections normally:

  • Maths
  • Evidence-Based Writing and Reading

Although as said before there is an essay section. Some colleges do not need this section so please do look at what your college requires before going ahead and doing the essay for no reason.

Now that is the what the SAT test is all about officially. What is about to the normal international student?

The SAT test can be a very confusing test if taken without any preparation at all. There are so many different factors that you need to be ready for and really need to practise. These include learning about the different English used by the American system, you may think that all English is the same but it's not, the sentence structure, the grammar and the spelling are all different. You really need to look at this and practise to get used to it.

The next part of the preparation is the timing... Timing is probably the most important part of the test, a student must be conscious of time throughout all the sections. Going to a good tutor to just practise your time management skills is invaluable if nothing else. So many students get caught by doing practise tests and doing so well on them but not under times circumstances. Please learn about the times.

Once you have all that covered you will need to make sure you are prepared from registration -- making sure that you have the correct pencils, ID card, Proof of identification and making sure not to take anything else besides your self to the test. NO CELL PHONES or anything that can be looked at for cheating. There is 0 tolerance towards that and you will be banned for future tests if caught.


Now that you are caught up, I hope you are more confident to take on the SAT test. BUT please if not give us a shout at BRUSA Sports UK and we can help guide you to make sure you get the best score possible to get the best scholarship possible to make your college experience the best EVER!!!

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