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BRUSA Sports is the niche specialist and personal sports consultancy, working with clients of all levels. Helping students, athletes and student-athletes from all backgrounds, sporting levels, academic levels, and sports. We aim to keep the personal touch with each one of our clients and their families and that is what sets us apart. You are not just a number or just a profile to us but a real person with career aspirations in both your sport and professional life. We help you reach your goals in the USA, UK and Europe.

We strive to not only get you to where you have dreamt but we want to help you take yourself even further and to heights you never knew you could get to.

We work from personal experience, knowledge and passion for sports and education. Our experiences in the U.S. and U.K. changed our lives and we aim to help student-athletes from across the globe utilize their talents to gain a university degree or further their sporting and academic careers.


Wade Van Der Bergh

“I would like to start by thanking you for your assistance with Wade.  You were always there to guide and help whenever we needed you and made this process at the end a really seamless one for us.  The fact that you would always be available for us and willing to answer many questions is greatly appreciated. “

Leasa van Der Bergh

 Wade Van Der Bergh’s Mom

Brasco Van Niekerk

Brasco van Niekerk and family:

“Michael and BRUSA Sports are the best agency around to help you on your scholarship dream. Not only did Michael find me the perfect school and scholarship but he was there every step of the way. He spoke to my parents continually and made sure that the move was faultless and that everything worked and was perfect throughout. Could not have achieved this dream step in my golf and academics without Michael and BRUSA Sports”

Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith and Parents:

“From my first meeting it was clear that Michael was professional, trustworthy and had the best interests of the student at the forefront of his service. BRUSA was relentless in trying to find the right University for me. Michael was in constant contact, trying to filter and approach the right universities for me. He listened to feedback when a proposed option didn’t feel quite right and began continuously searching for other universities immediately. There were certain criteria which I told Michael the universities had to meet, and he worked relentlessly to find ones which ticked all the boxes. I would not have been able to achieve my dream of getting a football scholarship to the states without Michael and BRUSA’s help. Ultimately, BRUSA was able to provide all the support necessary for me to win a great US scholarship “

Paul Akoto

“I would like to thank Michael and BRUSA Sports for all that they have done for our son, Nicholas, and the impact they have had on our family.

BRUSA Sports uniquely harnessed all of Nicholas’ talents and abilities to help him further his career and academic future. We had received numerous offers, with these offers came advise and assistance. For any young men looking to become a professional athlete while getting their degree and academic education, our family is a testament that BRUSA is the perfect choice.

Again, thank you to Michael for all he has done and continues to do for our son.”

Paul & Natalie Akoto

Parents of Paul


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